My Girlfriend Travelled Abroad & Just A Year After I saw Her Wedding Photos On Facebook – Fear Women

A broken-hearted man has shared how he found out his girlfriend got married to another man.

He anonymously took to a Facebook page called Tell It All to open up about the betrayal.

Ghanaians who saw his pitiful post took to the comments segment to encourage him but a number of individuals appeared convinced it was the fault of the sad man

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A passionate Ghanaian man has as of late turn to netizens to find consolation. In a sad post on a well known Facebook page called Tell It All, the man anonymously shared that he just came across pictures of his girlfriend getting married to another man just a year after she moved overseas.

“My Girlfriend left the country 1year ago. Hmmmmmm, the first that appeared on my FB newsfeed this morning is her Wedding pictures.”

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