My husband and I met at Law school. We started out as a group of study mates. I fell in love with him easily because he was a very intelligent and outspoken man. We were called to the Bar some years ago and we have given ourselves fully to the legal profession. We married six years ago and we have a five year old son and a two-year-old daughter.

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My husband has a daughter with a different lady. He was careful enough to conceal that part of his life from me during our dating period. If I recall precisely, it was just about a month to our wedding that he informed me about his daughter. I don’t want to recount the ordeal I went through during that period, but I was forced to meet his daughter and have a conversation with her.

A couple of months ago, my son was admitted in the hospital. He had contracted an infection and my husband knew about it. He chose to attend his other daughter’s opening day at school even when I suggested that her mother can do that.

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His excessive love and sentimentality toward his first daughter has created more strained arguments between us and now, his screams erupt at the least provocation. I have keenly observed that his baby mama has taken advantage of the situation to extract money from my husband. Her impromptu calls to him with claims that his daughter wants to speak to him or she wants money are enough evidence to prove my point but my husband won’t listen.

I wouldn’t mind if my stepdaughter comes to stay with us. At least with that, my husband won’t be divided in making decisions. His rather obnoxious baby mama has vehemently disagreed with this proposed arrangement and she claims that her daughter’s place is with her. The girl in question hasn’t made a decision. She seems to be conflicted by the whole issue and her inability to make a decision has continued to increase the tension between my husband and I. I want to avoid handling this issue through the lens of a legal person. What would you do if you were me?

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