“My Man Has Zero Hair So He Resorted to Buying Hair Growth Cream” – Celestine Donkor

Celestine Donkor, an award-winning gospel performer, admitted that she always favored guys with hairy chests but wed a man with a smooth chest.

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Before getting married, Celestine confesses in the book Beyond the Rhythm that she fantasized of having a husband with hair on his chest. The book was co-written by Celestine and her husband Kofi Donkor.

Unfortunately for her, the husband she married—who is also her manager—is not endowed with that quality.

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She asserted that her husband was forced to use hair growth creams on his chest as a result, but they were ineffective.

However, she added that whenever she gives it some thought, it interests her because she has found that her spouse has more noteworthy qualities than just chest hair.

“I told him I wanted someone I could confidently go to places with. Someone with a hairy chest. Laughs! I wanted my ideal man. But guess what? My man has zero hair so he resorted to buying a hair growth cream and began applying it religiously to grow his chest.

I laugh when I think about it even today. All the same, more importantly, I was on fire for God and I had matured so much in Him that meeting someone like my husband who was that interested in my spiritual welfare and growth meant everything to me. That was the biggest attraction for me,” she wrote.

The story of how Celestine linked with Kofi, who was at the time in Korea, is also told in the book Beyond the Rhythm. Even before they first met, they began dating and decided to get married.

Currently, Celestine Donkor is managed by Kofi Donkor. They are fortunate to have three children.

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