My Wife Is A Hemoprodite, Should I Leave Her

I’m a 28 year old man who just got married last week. I should be happy but I’m not.

I come from a decent family and I got married to a virgin girl. She has been my friend since childhood so it’s like I married my friend.

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She’s a good girl,no doubt about that. On the first night of our honeymoon we were both so tired so we didn’t do anything sexual.

I found out my wife is a Hemoprodite on the second day. Her dick is so big and noticeable. Even bigger than my own dick.

I no longer see her as a female but as a fellow man. We only made love on the second day and her dick was just flapping against my scrotum.

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She apologized for not telling me earlier and said it was because she doesn’t want to lose me.

In my family we believe marriage is till death do us apart. I’m ashamed of telling my family because i don’t want them to insult her.

I want to stay with her and love her but my feelings towards her has died.

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