My Wife is so Beautiful – Harold and Wife Tension Critics in New Social Media Post

Ghanaian actor and fashionista Harold Amenyah has challenged certain people speaking against his wife’s appearance.

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On Saturday, April 2, 2023, Harold and Irene exchanged vows in a private ceremony at Peduase.

After word of his marriage spread, a number of trolls used social media to mock his relatable, unnamed wife’s appearance and style.

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Many felt that a guy of his stature, who was dashing and attractive, should not have wed an “ugly” woman.

Some claimed that her makeup and wig understated her natural attractiveness.

The XoXo celebrity has maintained that his bride is a perfect score beauty in response to the cacophony of chatter and topical debate that followed his wedding.

“My wife is so beautiful!” he tweeted on his new Twitter account.

His comments have been met with mixed reactions from both fans and non-fans.

One user wrote, “You feel too pressured. No one is after you. Enjoy your marriage. Responding to critiques suggests you are not that confident about yourself, and it is becoming so obvious. Eat what you will eat to sleep and what you will sleep to eat, and let observers be worried.”

Another Twitter user, @qweku_ronny, chimed in: “No one can decide for you man, You went for what you desired.” @haroldamenyah

“When did the appearance of someone’s wife become such a topical issue? Himself posting this after all the brouhaha, makes me think it just might be for their Youtube content,” another opined.

Irene Amenyah is a nurse by profession, and the two dated for a while before getting married last weekend in front of family and friends.

The couple also started a YouTube channel, which as of the time this news was published had over 3,000 subscribers and 27 thousand views on its debut video.

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