My Wife’s Sister Is Blackmailing Me To Marry Her, What Do I Do?

My wife of five years has been struggling to conceive due to an accident that messed her reproductive organ six years ago.

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I was the one driving the car but did not get injured. We have tried everything for her to conceive but failed.

I started an affair with her little sister and got her pregnant. The little sister is done with her service, so since she gave birth my wife is the one taking care of the child because she’s not working.

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She thinks her sister was impregnated by her boyfriend. My problem now is the girl is forcing me to leave my wife and marry her so we can raise the child together. She gave me three months to do it or she will personally tell my wife that I’ve been sleeping with her.

I love my wife and don’t want to lose her. I know it was wrong of me to cheat but there’s nothing I can do now because it has happened. Everytime I try to end things with her she blackmails me. She wants to be my wife or nothing else. Please help me deal with this situation.

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