MzBel Joins The Afia-Delay Brouhaha As She Trolls Afia Schwarzenegger

The “16 years” hit maker Mzbel has called for vawulence as she joins Delay and Nana Tornado to diss Afia Schwarzenegger in the Afia-Delay”Beef”.

Recently Nana Tornado descended on Diamond Appiah for trying to fight for Afia by insulting Delay. He said the Asimbonanga, Afia Schwar, can beef Delay but not Diamond because she has no right.

Thinking it was just one of those terms Tornado uses, MzBel went deep and found the term in a song. She shared a video with a South African song that contained the word Asimbonanga.

“I need a translator for this song ASAP Please for 50k 🙏🏾 Good Night 😴” she captioned.

Some online users were able to find the meaning of the term which says ‘We have not seen’, can this imply that Tonardo considers Afia Schwarzenegger invisible and irrelevant?

The Fact That I Remove My Ring Doesn’t Mean I’m Divorced – Patapaa’s Wife Opens Up On Divorce Rumors.

Patapaa’s wife, Liha Miller, has finally opened up on the recent rumours concerning her marriage with Patapaa.

Patapaa’s wife, Liha Miller, has finally opened up on the recent rumours concerning her marriage with Patapaa.

In an interview with Blogger and YouTuber ZionFelix in Germany, Liha revealed that she was really surprised when she heard about the rumours on social media and according to her, she should have been the first person to hear that her marriage had ended if it was true.

“I think I should be the first one to know.” She hilariously said.

According to her, she has become used to such rumours and so didn’t even think it was relevant to respond or speak about it.

“Like I said, I did not even react to it because I’m getting used to it.”

She stated that, people make their assumptions based on the fact that sometimes she doesn’t have her wedding ring and they use that to spark the divorce rumors. But she made it clear that she does that when they are shooting a film and she needs to remove her ring and even used a Nigerian Comedian, Nkubi as an example.

“But when we are shooting, he will remove it to the other finger. It’s normal. It depends on the character you are. If I remove this ring right now, it doesn’t mean I’m not married to the person again. Every marriage has problems, has its ups and downs, I’m not talking about that.” Read More

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