Netizens React To KiDi’s Alleged Liver Disease

KiDi told his devoted followers earlier that they should expect another banger and street anthem from him.
After taking a break from music, the amazing vocalist is now prepared to suffocate music lovers with his excellent music.

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KiDi has revealed a clip from his upcoming banger on his Instagram page in an effort to promote the song, which is expected to be fully released on April 27, 2023.

Without a doubt, KiDi’s song will discuss his personal life and the health-related difficulties he has recently faced.

Remember how, just about a month ago, it was reported in the media that he had suffered a stroke. However, his management quickly debunked the claims.

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Additionally, KiDi directly denied the allegations that he had a stroke just two weeks prior.

KiDi claims that he suffers from a liver-related health issue.

If Ghanaians were to learn about the state of his liver, as he tenderly described in the excerpt discovered on his IG feed, they would cry for him.

His worried supporters are wondering if he has liver cancer right now even if he hasn’t provided specifics about what is wrong with him.

While there have been rumors that the singer has liver cancer. Some Ghanaians have responded to the depressing trending article passionately.

Ernest Dogbey – I Covered U with the Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. And I Declare Divine Healing from Above to locate U.

May God have Mercy on U. Faithful Is He

Anku Charles – God will heal you, don’t worry. Just believe that you are okay and forever you will be. 

Rita Amuzu – Receive healing in Jesus name Amen

Dacosta Ahenkorah – Man you will be well ok. I wish you speedy. May God be with you. U will surely bounce back stronger

Joe Bigs II – He should go and buy COA MIXTURE and take it 3 months continues. He will be healed like a miracle

Obremponmaa Adusi – I didn’t like him n song but this particular one has hit my soul .awwww bro is well.

Edem Morgan – Receive Healing In every part of your Body in Jesus Name

Asante Kwasi – Bro I wish you speedy recovery in Jesus name

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