Nobody Gives a F*ck About You, Be Smart And Not Get Played – Sista Afia To Ghanaian Artists

Ghanaian Songstress, Sista Afia has advised her colleagues in the Ghana Music Industry to be smart and take care of themselves.

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On a post on Twitter, Sister Afia called on her colleagues to be vigilant in order not to fall prey to any scam.

According to her, in the music industry, the focus for everyone is to make money, not the people involved.

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As a result of that, it’s easy for an artiste to be replaced by the highest bidder at any given opportunity.

‘In this music business nobody give a F or cares about u! “it’s about the Money” You can be replaced at any given time so when you in this business you need to understand your value be smart and not get played’ she tweeted.

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