Nothing Special About Black Sherif, He is Popular Because Of Burna Boy  – Wei Ye Oteng Speaks.

Ghanaian beat maker, Justice Oteng, well known as Wei Ye Oteng made a surprise comment on Black Sherif. According to him, there is nothing special about Black Sherif.

On Showbiz 927, Wei Ye Oteng stated that, Black Sherif is over hyped, he is getting popularity  base on human curiosity.

Though Black Sherif is producing good music, there is nothing extraordinary regards to the type of music he does.

This comment comes after Ghanaian musician Reggie Rockstone advised Black Sherif to document his music genre because no musician sounds like ‘Kwaku Killer’.

The music producer added that Black Sherif’s success, his huge streaming numbers and popularity is due to his subsequent feature with Burna Boy. Out of curiosity, everyone wants to know what his album entails.

Nothing Special About Black Sherif, He is Popular Because Of Burna Boy  - Wei Ye Oteng Speaks. Loops Gh Online
Burna Boy and Black Sherif

Oteng said: “Black Sherif is good. I mean, the likes of Kwadee were unique just like Black Sherif is, but whichever sound they had, or playing around with, was already in there. So we appreciate that. Now, if you have an affiliation with Burna Boy just upon releasing two songs into the mainstream, the whole world would want to listen to you.

“The whole world would want to know what is under your sleeve, not because they believe that you are extremely the “ish” (good), but they know that you are positive and you are on the path to greatness and that you need support. So, everything that you do, based on the type of affiliation you have, they troop in to come and listen and then to make their own judgment.”

In conclusion, Wei Ye Oteng said Blacko is a good artiste, who has produced a good album. He cautioned him to stay grounded to avoid complacency. And pressed that Blacko’s album streams are out of curiosity and his association with brands.

“For the truth, I think this guy is doing very well, but let’s not lift him beyond where he is supposed to be. If we do that and complacency sets in, we will kill him before his time.

“He has a good album, but trust me, a lot of these streams are out of curiosity and affiliation with the choice of brands that he has associated himself with. And we shouldn’t forget, he is on one of the biggest labels that are well endowed to reach out to any place in the world that they want to,” Wei Ye Oteng insisted.

Black Sherif released his debut album, ‘The Villain I Never Was’, on October 6, 2022, and has since then been amassing huge numbers on streaming platforms.

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