Patoranking Loses Personal keyboardist in Portugal after Afro Nation performance

The Youngman identified Bright Nicholas passed away after Afro nation performance in Portugal.

The keyboardist’s untimely death occurred on Monday after a show outside the shores of Nigeria, Bright, and the crew performed with the reggae-dancehall singer and songwriter, Patoranking at the Afro Nation Portugal 2022 in Praia da Rocha beach, Portimão, Algarve in Portugal.

The performance took place from July 1 to 3.

Bright is married and believed to be in his 30s. He formally played the keyboard at Harvesters International Christian Centre, Gbagada, Lagos before joining Partoranking’s Band.

Bright’s close friend reported the sad news on his WhatsApp status “We heard that he vomited blood before he died, though this is still unconfirmed. We were also told that an autopsy will be carried out.

“Persons who knew him are in a mourning mood, he was a very talented instrumentalist. It’s sad news.”

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