Popular Ghanaian Musician Narrates How A Music Producer Introduced Him To Drugs

The Ghanaian musician Paa Dogo has made claims that Hammer of the Last Two, a music executive and producer first exposed him to narcotics.

Narrating how it happened, Paa Dogo claims that he first met Hammer when he was a youngster and had no experience with heavy drugs. He said he exposed him to the usage of heavy drugs and their abuse.

In an interview with Bryt TV, Paa Dogo expressed his disbelief that Hammer, the person who first introduced him to narcotics, would later disparage him.

“I met Hammer when I was young. I didn’t know about drugs and alcohol. It was through Hammer I became an addict. So if I’m a drunkard then Hammer is a Russian Tanker. When you associate with some friends that’s what happens to you. If not for God who will save you from some of these things, then you’ll stay in the dark for long,” he said.

The claims made by Paa Dogo have generated discussion on social media.

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