Popular Kumawood Actor Dies In His Hotel Room In Nigeria

Another tragic news report has hit the Kumawood industry as one of their own, Haruna Asamoah aka Baba Fabregas, was reported dead.

The late actor’s brother, who revealed that this tragedy took place in Nigeria, confirmed the news, which caught the Kumawood industry off guard.

According to him, the information he learned through his late brother’s pals in Nigeria was that the small actor was unwinding by the hotel pool when a friend of hers approached and inquired whether he had eaten, to which he replied negatively.

She then left to buy him dinner, but as soon as he finished it, he began to complain of a headache and made the decision to go back to his hotel room to rest.

Later, when his buddies came over to check on him, they found him motionless in the room.

The cause of his death is under investigation by the police and medical professionals in Nigeria, according to Baba Fabregas’s brother, who confirmed the report and said that at the time he was speaking to the media, they still did not know the cause of death.

According to his brother, Baba Fabregas passed away on Sunday, August 14, 2022.

Baba’s remains were placed in a morgue in Nigeria for an autopsy before being transported to Ghana for burial.

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