Protesting Youth In Nigeria Set Banks On Fire Over Refusal To Print More Of The New Naira Notes

Furious youth in Nigeria set banks on fire during their protest over their refusal to print new N200, N500, and N1,000 currency notes.

Nigeria’s Supreme Court suspended the release of the new naira note into the market. This led to a rush for the notes as people wanted to lay hands on the rest of the new ones in the market. This situation caused a stampede at banks, ATMs, and all money avenues.

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A protest began on February 15, 2023, as all avenues through which people tried to get a hold of the new currency failed. The youth were angry as they broke out on the street, wild and ready to burn the city down if they did not get access to the new currencies.

The queues at ATMs never ran out of humans as people skipped meals and slept just to get access to the new naira notes.

Some demonstrators have broken into banks and stolen money counting machines. Other protestors also set some commercial banks on fire.

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Staff from various banks were not spared, as they were forced to flee in order to save their lives from the protestors.

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