Samini Renders Apology To The Legon Gateman.

The Hip-life legend Emmanuel Andrews Sammini is popularly known by his stage name Samini. was denied entry into the Legon campus after he left his card in one of his cars at home.

In a video that trended on social media, the Hip-life legend is seen expressing his frustration and challenging the gateman that he will still enter without the card.

The gateman did not consider his popularity. In the video, the gateman is seen focused on his job giving him no attention and refusing to relax the rules to allow him to enter without the card.

Many people expressed displeasure and criticized Samini for trying to temper the rules of the institution.

He apologized to the gateman in a tweet; “After my post about the incident at the security-gate I’ve realized majority of you advised that I should have done the right thing.Nothing makes my case right regardless of how many cards I have and how upset I got .#nocardnoentry Apologies to the young man doing his job.”

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