Samini Wins GIMPA SRC Presidential Race

The Ghanaian Dancehall artiste, Emmanuel  Andrews Samini who is popularly known as Samini has won the SRC Presidential race at GIMPA.

The Student Representative Council at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) conducted their SRC election today with Samini emerging as the winner.

The Ghanaian Dancehall Samini, who is currently furthering his education at GIMPA announced his ambitions to contest for the SRC presidency a few weeks, and the brazing for the vetting process.

His announcement become an internet sensation after he launched an intensive campaign for support.

“I am contesting for the GIMPA SRC Presidency, I will be doing my vetting tomorrow and hopefully I will become the next SRC President of GIMPA,” Samini revealed in a Twitter Space conversation.

His efforts paid him a win, He will be handling the office of the GIMPA Presidency alongside his running mate Mabel Mensah.

Samini Wins GIMPA SRC Presidential Race Loops Gh Online

 In an interview on GTV Breakfast Show last week, Samini broke down his step-by-step plans once elected.

According to him;

”As an Artiste and Entertainer and what I am used to in terms of soliciting funds to support their projects. I know what I can do if I take charge and sacrifice myself or bring myself to serve and be part of how we can raise more, someone who is not that loud on social media space.”

“I know everything has to do with funding, everything has to do with budget and sometimes, I see the budget that they claim would take for SRC Week to happen but it still hasn’t, all because of budgetary constraint,” he added.

”I have put my ear on the ground and I have watched as well and I know that there are plenty of things that students need. But with the institution being a private one it can only run-on profit or loss. We would need benevolent Institution to come on board to support them”, he concluded.

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