Sex for Grade Brouhaha: Why we need Inclusive Sex Education

Sex for Grades documentary – Lives are ruined, destinies are made, unending conversation has begun. Perchance not the kind of discussion that should capture the airwaves looking at numerous challenges we face as a country. Today, I will take a tour through your mind, we will commune and dine on ‘the altar’ of the forbidden in our society- sex education.  A taboo that is banished from the vocabulary of every child growing up but very vital and critical. Sexual harassment and abuse are a daily dose in our society.

BBC’s sex for grades documentary possibly was not shocking enough because their discovery was a normal cist in the fiber of our country’s DNA. We have become accustomed to allegations and counter allegations which cut across various professions. Readily on my mind is rumors from the demand for sex in entertainment industry. The raging rumors about sex for jobs have been a blot on the conscience of employers in the country especially for young ladies seeking for employment.

Are we as a country condoning this act of immorality and unfair treatment of young ladies looking to make better lives for themselves? Are employers not taking undue advantage? I ask these questions not for the fun of it but something needs to change.

Perhaps the documentary by BBC was a confirmation to those who didn’t believe and wanted evidence. Irrespective of how they went about it, there is some iota of truth. Remember the ‘Kitchen stool’ saga? That was a true reflection of state of affairs in our educational institutions. There are some professionals taking advantage of young adults in coercive manner and the earlier we uproot the canker the better.

But in all this, we need some comprehensive sex education. No, not the one you are thinking about. It is about time we educate people on values and moral, the ethics and professionalism which should be separated from sexual relationship life in working life. People in higher authority, employers, lecturers, pastors and the many others who could make and unmake lives through the influence they have on people they come into contact with.

Sexual harassment perhaps need to be understood in a much broader contest where inappropriate comments, contacts and looks can be construed as harassment. This needs to start at early stage in life, we need to imbibe in our children what needs not accepted as normal.

Anyway, the judgement being passed on the reigning sex for grades champions need to tone down. To err is human and to forgive is divine. In the voice of my most admired pundit Kweku Baako ‘‘I might sound hypocritical. Me sitting here, I’m not sure if I would have been able to beat that trap. I’m sure if I might succeed in beating such kind of trap, the animal [in me] might come for the fall.. that’s the problem we all have’’ he said on Joy FM’s News file.

Sex for Grade Brouhaha: Why we need Inclusive Sex Education Loops Gh Online

At least we can all learn a thing or two from the BBC documentary, we need to strengthen our moral armory to avoid such falls.


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