She was my school time girlfriend. Our children games became s*xual in nature and I started fingering her anytime we entered the house. Then we started doing it and she got pregnant. I can’t remember how old I was but I was around 15 years or so and we are the same age.

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Our parents found out about the whole issue and they took her somewhere to get rid of the pregnancy. After that, we were stopped from seeing each other but we still found ways of meeting. After her pregnancy we started using condoms to protect us. But she got pregnant again and I was so scared and It was around that time that we run away from home and left where we were. She got a friend who introduced her to a doctor and they did an abortion for her.

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She got pregnant again and this time she said she wanted to have the child, but I wasn’t ready. I was still hustling and the pay I was getting was not enough so I spoke to her and it wasn’t easy but she agreed to do a third abortion. So we went to the doctor who did the second one and he did it for her.

Around that time I wasn’t loving her anymore but I didn’t know how to end the relationship because of the number of abortions she has done for me and how much she loves me. I met another girl in the area I work and we started dating. My main girl found out about it because one of her friends saw me and the new girl many times and I couldn’t deny it when my girl asked me. I told her I don’t love her anymore and she started crying. We live in a rented wooden structure and I have paid for another year. The way the whole issue was, I couldn’t sack her because it will be too wicked of me to do that. So I found a single room around where I work and rented the place for myself. One time when she left for work , I packed all my things and left her.

Then like a few days later, when I closed from work, I came to meet her sitting infront of my door. She stripped and rolled on the floor cursing me that I will never find happiness in this world and I will suffer until I die. Many people came to gather and some women lifted her up and took her away. The next day, I tried to call her so that I apologise to her for all the pain I have caused her but her line was off. She has blocked me everywhere on social media. I tried using a friend’s phone to call her and it looks like she has changed her number. She has also left Facebook and Tiktok. Like she suddenly doesn’t have any picture on social media and I used my friend’s phone to check her profile. I have gone back to where we used to stay and they informed me she has left the place. No one knows where she has gone to. We run from Bantama to stay in Accra and if I go back and she is not there, her family will kill me.

Now I cannot sleep. Her curses are scaring me because I know she said it out of a lot of pain and sometimes these curses work if the person who said it means it. I am really afraid and I just want to beg her that I will come back to her and have a child with her. This time, no abortion. I hope she can even see this story and know that I am not joking. I don’t know if the curse has started working already but I am not happy and I’m always borrowing money from friends. I’m just a young guy of 23 years and I want her to forgive me.

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