I’ve been in a relationship with my girl for a year now. We met through an evangelism her church organized and she approached me and spoke to me.

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As a child, my parents used to take me to church and I have gone to the altar to say the sinners prayer many times. When I started growing up, life happened. Lost my parents a few years apart and my siblings and I started hustling on our own because our families were not ready to take care of us. I stopped going to church for several years but I have never stopped believing in God. Was playing draught in front of my house when my girlfriend approached us with a male friend. Some of their other church people were walking around the whole area and evangelising to others.

After speaking to me for some time, she gave me her number and told me she will come and call me for church the following Sunday. On Sunday, true to her word, she came to call me and waited for me to get ready myself. For the next three weeks, she came over to take me to church until I was just tired of it. She was very nice to me and I didn’t want to be rude to her so even though I wasn’t into the preaching and all that, I was going with her.

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I realized that when I joined the video team of the church, she got impressed and the two of us became close. So I went ahead and told her I was interested in her and she accepted. After some months, I wasn’t feeling the church thing anymore. I couldn’t stop too because my girlfriend will always persuade me back. I started stepping out of the service when the pastor was preaching just to hang around the church. That’s when I saw this pretty girl standing outside. I approached her and later got to know that she was one of the Sunday school teachers. She was dressed like a slay queen and her front side was exposed for all to see. I vibed her and got her number before we closed church.

My girlfriend told me we can’t have s*x because fornication is a sin. But one time, she visited me and after watching a movie we did it. She got all teary after the act and forced us to pray to God to forgive us. After that incident, she has been avoiding my place. This whole time I have been chatting the Sunday school teacher and one time I invited her over. She opened up easily for me to knack her and it became normal. I just played my cards well to make sure she and my girlfriend never came to my house at the same time. Now the problem is that the Sunday school teacher is pregnant. She informed me and I’m gathering money to do an abortion we have both agreed to do.

My girl doesn’t know anything about this and she believes she has won a soul. She even gave a testimony about me in one of our cell meetings but the truth is that I just go to the church for her but I see a lot of ripe beautiful ladies around. Truth is, I even have a contact of one of the choir singers and our chats on whatsapp are naughty. I can easily get her in bed with me if I want to. I have already knacked another girl from the church in her house. That is another long story. For now, I want to sort out the abortion and see. What can I do to make the church thing a part of me? I know my girlfriend is serious about me and I like her too but I feel like the church thing is not for me and I don’t know what to do right now because the church girls are easy to get too.

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