Should I Call Off The Wedding Or Go Ahead With It.

I’m 27 years, I run my own business and I’m super comfortable. I met this beautiful nurse 3 years ago and we started dating shortly after. Things have been pretty smooth and decent in our relationship and we’ve been planning our marriage and wedding since December 2021.

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We’ve started counseling and almost ready with everything we need for our wedding in November.
My wife to be is a 26 year old nurse who works outside Accra and comes home once or twice every week. She has a twin brother who is a young doctor at Ridge hospital.
In between my relationship with my wife to be, I became very close to her twin brother and our friendship grew very strong…

He comes over to sleep when he’s off work. He’d sometimes come around with his friends and colleagues to play FIFA, drink and we’ll all just chill. And I also genuinely enjoyed their company cos I’m pretty much introverted
During one of our FIFA game hangouts at my place just this May, we got drunk and high and got sexual (kissed), something I’ve never done with a guy before.

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Things got a bit tensed afterwards and our friendship has hit the rocks and I stopped hearing from him. A few weeks later. My wife to be and I went for a family event and I met his brother. ( He came up to me and apologized for everything that happened and we moved on.
The next week he came over alone to sleep over and he initiated this kissing thing again, this time however my brother in law to be made me fuck him.

This has happened twice after the first time and I’m not sure what I feel for him and how I feel about this whole situation.
When my wife to be comes around, the feeling and energy is sweet and just amazing and still love her.

Right now I don’t know if I should call off the wedding or just go on ahead with it.
I’ve spoken to my brother in law about it and he’s unbothered about any decision I take cos he claims he’ll be fine. I’m super confused. I just feel I’m in deep shit.

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