Social Media Sensation Shugatiti Explains Why She Is Now A Slay Queen And N.ud!st

Abena Serwaa Frimpong, also known as Sughatiti, a well-known n.udist, has disclosed why she decided to make n.udity her career.

Users on social media have been perplexed as to why nudist celebrity Shugatiti chose this path over others. A few internet users have often been observed criticizing the socialite in her comment sections.

In an interview with Asempa FM, social media influencer and actress Shugatiti revealed that she made her career choice because, as a homeless child, she had to do everything to survive.

Shugatiti revealed that her stepmother had kicked her out of her father’s home, leaving her homeless. She went on to describe how she came into contact with a photographer who assisted her in getting pictures of her n@k3d self taken because it was said that she has lovely skin and body curves.

Shugatiti added that she knew this career was what would bring her more money when she began sharing pictures of herself in her underwear on social media and noticed the enormous amount of attention she received.

“I didn’t speak to my father. I was by myself. My father never bothered to look for me after my stepmother kicked me out of the house”

However, Shugatiti said that her mother had been absent for 17 years until finally showing up two months ago.

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