“Some Secular Songs Are Good” – Pastor Uses Manifest and Obrafour’s Song To Preach in Church

The song “No Shortcut to Heaven,” by Manifest and starring Obrafour, has found a home in the church, where a pastor has utilized it to deliver a sermon to the congregation.

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In a video circulating online, the man of God identified as Rev Samuel Boansi said, “Recently, we had a conversation on whether secular songs are good or not. Today I want to tell you that some secular songs are good“.

He continued that “There is this guy called Manifest, he has a song Obrafour, the lyrics in the song is what I am relying on to advise you“.

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Quoting lyrics from ‘No Shortcut to Heaven‘ he said “abrabɔ nyina ara ne woanamɔntuo Asetena mu nkunimdie nyina ara gyina wo so Nanso sɛ woanka ntini mu a etire A yɛde so daeɛ mpo kafra Mframa de huu pɛ adeɛ a ɔnya oo Nsa a ɛnnyɛ adwuma nso ɛnsɛ na adidi oo Hwɛ Manifest adanseɛ ɛne m’afutuoTie wɔ asopa mu ɛbɛboa wo“.

“No shortcut to heaven. Kwantia biara nni hɔ a ɛpue Aheman mu oo. Gyesɛ wo bre mogya wo bre mogya,this is the advice the gentleman is giving us,” he said and translated to English by saying that “the world will offer you a shortcut to glory and tell you it is the glory and not the did but I came morning to tell you that is the did before the glory“.

Obrafour shared an excerpt of the sermon on his Instagram account and captioned it “have you thought of the impact of your words today? Whatever you do, think of posterity Indeed your deeds shall follow you… Rev Samuel Boansi“.

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