Spinless Talkers, Popular Actor Federick Leonard Descends On Nigerians

Federick Leonard, a Nigerian Actor has expressed his displeasure with how Nigerians handle political issues and talks, which he termed “Spinless talkers”.

He believes Nigerians are treated poorly by the government because the citizenry is “spinless talkers”. His comment is a response to the current economic hardship faced by the Nigerians. The country is currently battling with fuel shortages and liquidity problems( Shortage of Naira Notes).

“We are indeed a country of Spinless talkers. #These leaders know, and that’s why they do us the way they do us.

“As long as we remain spineless, Nigeria will never get better because freedom from bad and oppressive leadership is not free. #WeAreNotReadyYet,” he said.

He believes Nigerians can change to influence the government.

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