Staring At A Woman’s Breast Reduces Blood Pressure – Dr. Karen

Over the years, medical scientists have suggested that women live longer than men with researches showing a survival advantage for females in all reviews.

Researches have also been carried out toward unraveling the cause of this riddle.

Staring At A Woman's Breast Reduces Blood Pressure - Dr. Karen Loops Gh Online

Two researchers, Stephen Austad and Katherine Fischer, both of the University of Alabama, U.S., in a piece published on June 14, 2016, held that humans are “the only specie in which one sex is known to have ubiquitous survival advantage.’’

It said that the sex difference in longevity might be one of the most robust features of human biology.

Other scientists have written on this riddle with some arguing that women live longer because they have two ‘X’ chromosomes which ensure a back-up when a genetic mutation occurs in one of the genes, while men have only one ‘X’ chromosome and, thus, without such back-up.

In developing nations like Nigeria, however, men are believed to die quicker because of societal pressure.

In the populous African nation, men are seen as more likely to be hit by high blood pressure, stroke and related illnesses because they shoulder the burden of catering for the families. The pressure multiplies after marriage as wives’ relations queue in for attention.

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Source: Pulse News

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