Stowaway: Video Shows How 4 Nigerians  Sat Under Ship From Lagos To Brasil For 14 Days

Four Nigerians perched on the rudder of a gigantic ship and crossed 5,600 kilometres across the Atlantic Ocean

The four men were hoping to travel from Nigeria to Europe without being discovered by the ship’s crew.

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But surprisingly to them, they discovered themselves not in Europe but in Brazil, where they were rescued after 14 days

A video has shown how four Nigerians perched precariously on the rudder of a ship from Lagos to Brazil.

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The four men were hoping to relocate to Europe just by sitting on the ship’s rudder, but they found themselves in South America.

The men took the risky journey across the cold Atlantic Ocean in hopes of a better life outside the shores of Nigeria. In the video, the four Nigerians were seen sitting under the ship within spitting distance from the cold seawater, Reuters reports.

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Four Nigerians who travelled on the rudder of a ship They sat that way for 14 days, travelling 5,600 kilometres and even ran out of food on the 10th day, after which they resorted to drinking seawater. Because of the nature of the ship’s rudder, it was difficult for them even to get any sleep.

After they were rescued in Brazil, two of them said they would like to return to Nigeria, and they were sent back. The remaining two, Thankgod Opemipo Matthew Yeye and Roman Ebimene Friday, applied for asylum in Brazil. Yeye is said to be a Pentecostal minister from Lagos, while Friday is from Bayelsa state..

Watch video below…

The video capturing how they sat on the ship’s rudder was posted on YouTube by Aljazeera.

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