The US President, Joe Biden Falls Off Bike During A Ride With First Lady In Delaware[Watch Video].

US President Joe Biden falls off the bicycle near his home in Delaware, this Saturday morning, shortly after greeting reporters with a wave and a cheery “Good morning!”

The president was near the end of a bike ride with the first lady, Dr. Jill Biden, near Rehoboth Beach where the couple is celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary.

The 79-year-old president, flanked by Secret Service agents, was traveling at some speed toward a turn before he braked to speak to a crowd wishing him “Happy Father’s Day” and tipped over.

Dr. Jill Biden had already made the turn and missed her husband’s fall. Biden’s unexpected dismount came after he stopped and was unable to release his bike shoes from the toe cages on the pedals.

The unexpected occurred after Biden stopped and couldn’t remove her cycling shoes from her pedal-toe cage. When asked if it was okay, Biden replied, “I’m fine.

Watch Video Below;

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