A gift is a tangible object that says, “I was thinking about you. I wanted you to have this. I love you.”

Giving gifts is one of the fundamental universal languages of love.

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The important thing is not the gift, but the emotional love that was communicated by the gift.

A gift is given without strings attached, or it ceases to be a gift.

A gift is a gift only when given as a genuine expression of love, not as an effort to cover over past failures.

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Gifts don’t need to be expensive before they could express meaning.

If you want your gifts to communicate love, it is best to discover the interests of the other person.

You cannot force someone to accept a gift as an expression of love. You can only offer it. If it is not accepted, you must respect the other person’s decision.

The purpose of a gift is to emotionally
communicate, “I love you. I hope this gift will enhance your life”..

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