“Tonardo And I Are Still Friends” – Mzbel Proves Haters Wrong

MzBel has disgraced those who were wishing for her demise due to her association with Nana Tornado.

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Rumor has it that Tornado and Mzbel, who both have Afia Schwarzenegger as their arch-enemy, are no longer on good terms. Some fans have been speculating as to how the turn and twist may affect the never-ending triangular dispute.

Responding to the reports, Mzbel hosted a a Facebook live session to clear the air. “Tonardo and I are still friends. People are misinterpreting the comments I made earlier. I granted an interview on Step One 1 TV sometime in December, following a less-than-stellar show at Afrochella.

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“I lost it during the interview and spoke inappropriately, but I quickly realised I didn’t speak well, so I wrote an apology post. And that interview even wasn’t directed at Tonardo so I’m surprised why people are trying to create that enmity between us based in the interview,” she said during the live session.

The musician heaped praise on Tornado and continued, “I’m really proud of my friend (Tonardo) for handling the matter without inciting extra conflict that might have endangered our friendship.”

I’m so proud of Nana Tonardo for not making a deal out of this. When two people become friends, there is always a plot to destroy them. I’ll advise friends to avoid showcasing their lovely relationship on social media due to judgmental eyes. These people are quick to mislead their friends. I still consider Tonardo to be a friend,” she said in a Facebook live session.

The clarification was made in response to Mzbel’s earlier statement that most of her friends were with her only for the benefits they received from her rather than because they truly valued her. Watch the video below to hear more from her.


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