U.S School Suspends Little Boy From School Over His Mum’s Job

A young mother from the US has expressed her displeasure with the decision taken by a US School to expel her son from the school because of her work.

U.S School Suspends Little Boy From School Over His Mum’s Job Loops Gh Online
Sara Blake

Reports indicate that the school took the decision after some teachers and parents discovered what they termed immoral employment.

The 31-year-old mother of four says she earns $480,000 per year from the platform and was humiliated by the school’s treatment of her.

She added that ‘My son was even suspended from school and in trying to communicate with the principal, she refused to talk to me or give a reason as to why he was being treated badly simply because I did OnlyFans,’
The little boy’s mother, Sara Blake Cheek, claims that she was forced to home-school her kid after some gossiping parents led to his detention after finding out she gets money on OnlyFans.

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