Veteran Nigerian Actress Patient Ozokwor Outlines Six Ways To Make Your Mother-In-Law Fall In Love With You

The veteran Nigerian actress Patient Ozokwor, popularly known as ‘Mama G’ now a seasoned minister of God has revealed the way a woman can he mother-in-law fall in love with her.

Patient Ozokwor was known for playing the role of a wicked mother-in-law in most of her movies.

The type of mother-in-law a woman has can influence the harmony or success of her marriage to some extent. A woman who has a kind and free-spirited mother-in-law, for instance, may experience few or no conflicts. A woman with a strict and cruel mother-in-law, on the other hand, is in for a protracted dramatic run.

Be yourself
Some women make the grave error of portraying a different persona from their genuine selves in order to win over their mother-in-law. However, this is ineffective. Never attempt to portray yourself as domesticated or as someone who always prefers to dress modestly. Before you meet his mother, have a talk with your man. As well as any other information you require before your encounter, ask him about her preferences. You don’t have to be distant in her home, of course, but you also shouldn’t pretend to be someone you aren’t since you’ll have to stick with that story for as long as you’re married to her son. You must accept her, love her, and fit in with them.

Consistent Communication

Frequent communication is a great approach to winning your mother-in-love. law’s Talk online more frequently than just once a month or when you see each other at events.

Make it a habit to visit her once or twice a week, or at the least, on a regular basis. Send any articles, memes, and images you believe she would find interesting as well.

It makes way for deeper comprehension and removes any unpleasant tension you two could experience when physically meeting.

Buy her occasional gifts
It’s typical for a mother to think that you are unworthy of her son. As a result, people begin to criticize every aspect of you, particularly your appearance.

You can avoid this criticism by luring her with material items. Learn what your mother-in-law enjoys or requires, and occasionally buy it for her.

Now, it doesn’t have to be an expensive gift; even a simple gesture like giving her a cheap apple or some of her favorite fruits will demonstrate your concern

Ask for her opinions
It may function flawlessly. Mothers-in-law dislike situations where they feel powerless to influence their daughter-in-life. law So, what is the better way to capture her heart than to convince her that she can speak?
Consider her your biological mother from the moment you first met her rather than your husband’s mother. Never be afraid to approach her, call her, or ask for help when you are struggling.
It not only makes her think well of you but also makes sure she has a big impact on your life.

Show her your bargaining skills
Nigerian mothers and haggling go hand in hand, just as many Nigerian politicians and corruption.
Every time you get the chance to go to the market with your mother-in-law, use your negotiation talents to your fullest potential.
If a seller calls it good for #100, set the price to #5. This will undoubtedly make your mother-in-law happy and gain you her respect.
Become her gossip buddy
Finding a person she dislikes and joining her whenever she disparages that person is the greatest method to do this.
If she doesn’t have any “haters,” be sure to have the juiciest rumors about persons or events.
Even while this looks awful on so many levels, you get the chance to speak as a result.

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