Video: Man forced to lie down on stones and apologize for supposedly breaking cultist sister’s heart

Nigerian man breaks cultist sister’s heart.

A Nigerian man likely had no thought what was in store for him when he dumped his girlfriend who turned out to be a sister to one of the individuals of a fearsome cultist in Nigeria. 

Right after he snapped out of the relationship, the lady, who was horribly tormented and shattered detailed the issue to his brother who collected individuals of his cultist to educate the guy a lesson. 

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 Apparently, the lady said she still needs him back so she never needed him to be hurt. To this conclusion, the heartbreaker was constrained to lie down on a stony surfaced and apologize to his girlfriend. He abundantly asked the lady that he won’t break her heart once more and adore her till her endlessness as portrayed within the video.

He made decree with so much fear as the folks who shot the incident gave him instructions on what to do to conciliate the lady.

Watch Video Below:

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