Video Of Repented Nana Agradaa Deliverance Service In Her New Church Causes Stir

Repented fetish priestess in Ghana, Nana Agradaa now known as Evangelist Patricia Asiedu has left people speechless with a video circulating.

This video shows Nana Agraada having a deliverance service in her newly established church.

This has left many people in shock because it is dumbfounding how Nana Agradaa is ordained to be a prophetess and how the church could grow within the shortest possible time.

Evangelist Patricia enters the church with some men supposed to be her bodyguards or protocol guys as two women have already stirred the atmosphere with a spiritual song. She gets to stand Infront of her members who are already soaked in the Spirit and scans through them. She spots a man and ask him to come Infront. It seems Evangelist has now added Prophetess to her calling.

In other video, Agradaa is seen in a serious deliverance service. Watch the video below..

People cannot keep quiet over this, a lot of people are wondering how some people will still follow a woman like this despite how she portrays herself in the society even after saying she’s born again. Others just find it hilarious and can’t stop laughing. Few believe it’s the doing of the Lord.

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