Video: Wendy Shay stunned after getting huge birthday surprise

Queen of Shay Gang, Wendy Shay, was cleared out breathless after her family and companions joined together to shock her on her birthday

 Her well-wishers seized her domestic in her nonattendance to completely enhance her extravagant living room for the arranged bash.

 In recordings posted online, an clueless Wendy was taken off protect when the visitors chorused “surprise” and sang the popular ‘happy birthday’ melody as she made her way into the room. All she overseen to say was “wow”, after which she found her voice and communicated how stunned she was.

Her 26th birthday bash was climaxed with a supper set-up made of assortments of dinners and desserts. But for the organized party, Wendy would have stamped her day seriously, as she is one who isn’t famous for the regular birthday bash. 

 Wendy did not connect the birthday photoshoot custom, but posted a straightforward photo of her with the caption “I thank God for another year. I thank God for my life. 26 a long time youthful today.”

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