We All Got Pregnant In Ghana – Tourists Express Shock Over How They All Got Pregnant In Ghana.

Some women from the diaspora have expressed how they are surprised and shocked as they all get pregnant while they traveled from Canada to Ghana on a vacation.

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They shared their Pregnancy stories online with their baby bumps as evidence. One of them captioned her picture as “went to Ghana and now Pregnant” and added that one of her friends is also Pregnant.

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According to her, they are shocked to the bone because they have been friends for over seven years and the fact that both of them have been impregnated and expecting to be mothers around the same time baffles their mind.

Ghana’s most followed Youtuber and travel influencer, Wode Maye who happens to be friends with two of these pregnant women shared the story on his page. According to him, about five women who came to Ghana as tourists have been impregnated.

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He captioned his post “Big ups to my Ghanaian brothers cos my diaspora sisters moved to Ghana & they are all pregnant”. His post has since gone viral with more than 1000 retweets, 4000+ likes and hundreds of comments from Twitter users.

We All Got Pregnant In Ghana - Tourists Express Shock Over How They All Got Pregnant In Ghana. Loops Gh Online

Barren, At Your Age You Have No Child, And No Man To Marry You – Afia Schwar Shades Delay

Afia Schwarzenegger and delay beef
Afia Schwarzenegger and delay beef

According to Afia Schwar, Delay’s life is delayed, says she has no child and no man to marry her, and she is in her menopause.

Ghanaian controversial socialites Afia Schwarzenegger and Media guru, Deloris Frimpong Manso beef is gotten hotter as both female celebrities throw shades at each other on social media.

Afia Schwarzenegger posted a video of interior  deco of a hotel in Cannes, France, on Instagram as Tekno’s song Enjoy is heard playing in the background. In her caption Afia Shwarzenegger says  Delay is barren and she feels pity for her.

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Afia Shwarzenegger post reads

I don’t hate on a barren at 47,I PRAY  for them . Nature is already dealing with you anaa u can’t see,sorry your life is delayed!!!WAWE P)T))….Abrabo mu  F9
At your age  No Child,No man to call your own and Menopause has set in so I understand your frustration…

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By the way I’m busy paying university fees n tomorrow is P.T.A meeting..( you can’t say this about yourself)
The nxt rime you want to run your  mouth look for your mates aka your fellow barrens.. Mothers are very busy people .

When you  meet responsible Mothers like me ask how much a  Montessori fees cost n see how Useless you are as a woman to the society…

Enjoying my hotel in Cannes…Help me tell your boss oh sorry my Ex.

Ps: if you don’t want to hear certain things dnt go looking for a mad woman’s trouble, I won’t call you Mother of twins if you are a barren..Period.!!!!

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