We Should Just Use The Cathedral Money To Build An Ark – Peter Sedufia Suggests

Ghanaian filmmaker, Peter Sedufia has suggested that, the Government should build an ark like Noah’s ark instead of building the National Cathedral.

There have been a serious debate following the idea of the government and top Ghanaian christian leaders to build a national cathedral in Ghana.

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The cathedral is for religious and community interests, including state-sponsored inaugurations and national celebrations. The building, situated near the Osu Cemetery in central Accra, could stand easily to be one of the most impressive in the country. It will also house a series of chapels, a baptistery, a 5,000-seat auditorium, music school, art gallery, shop, and a Bible museum.

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According to the visioneers, the construction of the National Cathedral represents a significant moment in our country’s history.

Some Ghanaians on social media has spoken against the plan. Saying the use of tax payers’ money to build a cathedral in a country already known for its abundant number of churches is unnecessary. The outcry is plain and direct- why are such resources not being spent on education, health, research and infrastructure instead?

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Scrolling on Facebook feed, LOOPS GH ONLINE came across a post by Peter Sedufia suggesting that Ghana should build an ark instead of cathedral.

His post reads:
At this point, we should just use the Cathedral money to build an Ark.

We Should Just Use The Cathedral Money To Build An Ark - Peter Sedufia Suggests Loops Gh Online

Though the filmmaker couldn’t give a clear reason for his statement. But the statement connects to the story of Noah in the Bible, where God commanded him to build an ark to survive a forthcoming flood. Some people in the comment section said that incident might happen again so building an ark is a good idea.

Frank Fiifi Gharbin commented


Godfred Kofi Ofori commented

The cathedral is the ark 🤣🤣🤣

Peter Sedufia as a filmmaker has directed and produced many top standard Ghanaian movies including, Keteke, Away Bus, Sidechic Gang, Aloe Vera, Master and 3 Maids (series), etc.

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