We’re at a critical juncture – NATO Affirms.

The US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said his country and its NATO allies are at an important turning point in the history of the security alliance.

He said Ukraine’s suffering could soon end if Russia ended ” its ruthless war of her
choice.” Defense Minister said Thursday before a meeting with NATO’s Boss Jens Stoltenberg in Brussels.
Austin said the meeting will take place at the “significant milestone in history” of the Security Alliance.
“This is because Finland and Sweden have made a historic decision to seek NATO membership.

They boast a proud and capable democracy that shares NATO’s core values, ” he said.
“Over the past few months, NATO has united in the face of Russia’s injustice, cruel and undeniable invasion of Ukraine.
” We have responded to the greatest threat to Europe’s security in decades. ” We will continue to strengthen our allies to do
so.” Austin said NATO will continue to support Ukraine “to defend against Russia’s unprovoked aggression ” and” to continue to coordinate its allies.” Evolving security requirements.

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