Who Is The Lady Accusing Thomas Partey Of Rape? Check Her Biography, Education, Net Worth Here

A young lady currently making headlines across the globe for accusing the Arsenal and Ghanaian football star Thomas Partey of rape.

It is reported that the young lady accused Thomas of rape after the footballer declined are marriage proposal.

The Ghanaian-born midfielder Thomas Teye Partey plays for both the Ghanaian national team and Arsenal in the Premier League.

This allegation had many wondering and asking questions, who is she? where does she can from? what does do for a living? This ignited the inquisitiveness of Loospghonline to dig deeper into the story, and this is what we found about her.


The young lady identified as Sara Bella is a Morrocan-American-based model. According to sources, she now lives in Detroit, Michigan, United States.

Sara Bella was born on the 13th of November, 1999. Sara Bella is now 23 years old.

Sara is a committed Muslim.


Sara Bella holds a degree from the HMT College and proceeded to the CAST British University.

We have no details on her course of study at the university.


Sarah Bella is a well-known creative professional with vast experience in the entertainment industry. In addition to writing commercials, directing web series, working on television, acting, producing short films and theater, and producing a number of web series, Sarah has worked on and produced hundreds of projects in a variety of roles.

Both a talented writer and editor, Sarah Bella. She also attended the UCLA Extension and finished a screenplay course to support The Writers Guild Foundation

For The Hollywood Fringe Festival in 2017, Bella created, directed, produced, and appeared in a critically acclaimed acrobatic theatrical production that also included a number of short films. Sara tries to choose happiness every day and is both distinctive and professional.


In 2022, Sara Bella’s estimated net worth will be close to $1 million.

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