Why I Warned Akrobeto Not To Feature In The Same Film With Agya Koo – Samuel Nyamekye Reveals

For the first time, Samuel Nyamekye, the head of one of Kumawood’s most successful film production companies, Miracle Films, has addressed the recent claim that went viral that he was the one who advised Akrobeto not to work with Agya Koo.

In a recent exclusive interview with Peace FM, Akrobeto revealed that he has been told not to work with Agya Koo again.

The veteran Kumawood Actor and TV presenter, Akwasi Boadi famously known as Akrobeto revealed in an interview days ago that, Samuel Nyamekye advised him not to act with famous Agya Koo.

He said I was advised against acting with Agya Koo because of his influence and might in the movie industry.

I would not hide the name of the advisor. He is our very own Miracle, Kwasi Nyamekye. 

He acknowledged my talent and told me that I would not be recognized for my talent if I continue acting with Agya Koo because he would always outshine me.

“I saw the wisdom in his counsel and decided to obey. So, he made sure we were not in the same movie till movie lovers began to accept me,”

In an interview with ZionFelix, Samuel Nyamekye provided his perspective on the situation months after it became well known.

The CEO of Miracle Films in response confirmed that he cautioned Akrobeto not to appear in the same film with Agya Koo because he wanted him to shine. Making Ghanaians aware of his other qualities.

No matter how hard they work or how brilliant they are at their job, he added, when actors and actresses work on the same set as major stars, they are not seen or appreciated.

The film’s producer insisted that he had no grudges against Agya Koo but that he wanted to offer Akrobeto the same opportunity to showcase his abilities as he had given Agya Koo.

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