Will Smith Finally Apologises To Chris Rock Over His Act At The Oscars (Watch video)

Will Smith has at last commented on the argument he had with Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars and the current state of affairs between them.

On the occasion, the actor made a scene by hitting Chris Rock onstage after the comedian made a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s appearance.

He shared a video entitled “It’s been a minute…,” on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, addressing the matter directly. Answering questions that were posed to him, the first question raised was about why he didn’t apologize to Chris Rock in his Oscars acceptance speech for Best Actor. He answered, “I was fogged out by that point. It’s all fuzzy.”

When I contacted Chris, he responded by saying he wasn’t yet ready to communicate, but that he would do so later. So, Chris, allow me to express that I’m sorry. I’m here whenever you’re ready to chat, and my behavior was inappropriate.

Rosalie “Rose” Rock, the mother of Chris Rock, received an apology from Will Smith in response to an interview she gave during the Oscars controversy, in which she said that she felt slapped as well when Chris Rock was struck on stage went on to say that he has spent the last three months “replaying and understanding the nuances and the complexities of what happened at that moment” and while he says he won’t unpack all of that now, he says that there is no part of him that thinks it was “the right way to behave”.

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