Woman breaks Odds, Accepts Her Husband’s Side Chick, And Narrates How They Now Live Happily Together In The Same House.

A married woman from Kenya shared her story of how she peacefully accepted her husband’s side chick and how they now live happily in the same house.

Narrating her experience on Metha ya Kagoni’s YouTube channel, the woman named Sarah Whose Husband is Abraham. Sarah explained how she finally accepted Maureen the husband’s mistress to be her co-wife.

Sarah stated that she discovered the husband was having an affair with Maureen when she was pregnant with their first child.

Sarah said she confronted her husband when Maureen gave birth and discovered the husband had photos of his mistress and her child on his phone.

She stated in the interview, “I came to find out after my daughter showed me pictures of a baby on the phone. I took the phone and I started going through the photos. I was shaking when I found out that Maureen even has a baby,”.

she said when she confronted the Husband he did not deny having an affair with Maureen and even confessed that they both had a young child together.

According to Legit, Sarah was initially shocked when her husband confirmed that he was having an affair with Maureen but with time, she accepted the reality and decided to stay in her marriage.

Sarah said after accepting the reality she asked to meet Maureen.

She said, “I met Maureen for the first time when I accompanied my husband to her house. When Maureen came to open the gate, she saw me in the driver’s seat and we said hi to each other,”.

According to the co-wives, they enjoy living together with their husband and children, an arrangement they say started casually. It started during their weekly Sunday outings where they would all take their children out.

However, sometimes, they would get late and Maureen would be forced to spend the night at her husband’s Juja home where he lived with Sarah.

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