Woman Fined And Jailed For Making Shito With Rotten Vegetables

A 58-year-old Elizabeth Arthur was jailed for one month and to pay a compensation fine of GHC 4,200 for selling shito made with rotten vegetables in Koforidua.

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According to witness from the corn millers, the vegetables Mrs. Arthur always brings there are rotten, unhealthy,, and worm infested. They added that they have constantly advised her to desist from such acts but she has refused to pay heed.

During the court procession, prosecutor Inspector Margarette Asiedu revealed that Mrs. Elizabeth Arthur has committed a dreadful act by cooking the shito she sells with vegetables that are totally rotten and are worm infested.

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She was reported to the Koforidua Police Station after several advices from corn millers. On reaching the scene, the police chanced upon rotten and worm-infested vegetables the woman was going to use for another shito.

According to reports from the police, the oil she was using to fry her fish was very dirty and black. After frying the fish, she poured the rotten vegetables into the dirty oil to prepare the shito for sale.

She was arrested, and the vegetables were carried along for evidence’s sake. She has therefore been jailed for one month due to her health condition, fined GHC 4200 and to be jailed for another 12 months if she is unable to make the fine payment.

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