Woman Gifts Efia Odo GHC5000 For Dressing Decently, Fans Urge Her To Keep It Up 

Efia Odo, a socialite and actress from Ghana, received a gift of GHC 5000 from an unknown woman as a result of her Sunday church attire.

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The stranger, a female company owner, complimented Efia’s knee-length red straight dress, which, in contrast to her customary costume, did not expose any parts of her body in an attractive manner.

Efia Odo initially thought the call concerning the gift was a scam since it sounded too fantastic to be true. She eventually decided to see the woman in person to verify the legitimacy of the present, though. She was shocked when the lady arrived and gave her the full sum.

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In a video posted on social media, Efia Odo displayed the new Ghc5 notes and expressed her shock at the stranger’s generosity. She expressed her gratitude by promising to advertise the woman’s company on social media.

Efia Odo has developed a reputation for being extremely unafraid to show a lot of skin on social media. She has consistently defended the freedom she has to express herself through her personal style.

She has, however, repeatedly shown that she is secure and at ease in her own skin despite the criticism.

After moving to Ghana from the United States of America, Efia Odo developed a passion for acting.

Since she became well-known in Ghana, she has been showing off her sexy Instagram images with her renowned Instagram account, which consistently leaves most guys speechless.

She recently wore modest clothing to church, though, and it seems to have earned her some unanticipated respect and cash incentives.

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