Woman Offers Practical Advice On How Women Can Make Men Value Them More In Viral Video

According to a stunning Nigerian woman, men are more likely to respect women who are not demanding or actively looking for a man to swindle in the name of a relationship.

The unnamed woman reprimanded women for accepting presents and money from their men or boyfriends. She believes doing so is the surest way to win their men’s respect and adoration.

She claimed that a man would value any woman who employs those tactics because she will shock the man by defying the stereotype that women only enter relationships to provide their punani in exchange for money.

”If you want a man to value you, when he gifts you money, reject that money…” she said.

Netizen responded to the lady by saying;

“Lol this happened to me n oga was wowed. 😂 he no know say na tactic” an instagram user said.

another user said “Not always… It also depends on how she rejected it. Some aren’t mature in real life matters, and greed has eaten deep in them. For me, the best way a man will value you more is when you also give him money on sudden occasions when he least expected it, but in need of it”

Watch the video below;

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