Women Are The Bosses In All Upstanding Marriages-Nigerian Actor

The Nollywood actor, Jide Ekene has revealed that all the marriages that are upstanding have their foundation in women who are bosses in the marriages.

In a recent interview, the actor said “Hrmmm, the world is run by women to be honest, in every home now, for any marriage that is upstanding, you will realize the woman is boss as long as there’s love. I appreciate the love of all my female fans in everything but I can only belong to one person at the end of the day I can also belong to all but not in every department. Trust me like I have a foundation that supports single mothers. (xanax) You know people from single parents, who are finding it difficult, so I understand these things so I want to work effectively. I prayed for this day, I did pray to be here to have this influence so the best way to return glory to God is to actually use it well.”

The actor also revealed how his journey as an actor has been and his motivation over the years.

“ Journey to Nollywood took some time, some good time, anybody that wants something worthwhile will wait, you can’t plant mango and harvest in six months that’s maize. If you want a perennial fruit, you will plant, wait years before you reap your first seed but when it comes it doesn’t stop.” Jide said.

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