Women Who Undergo Plastic Surgery Can Never Be Faithful To One Man – A Youngman alleges

A young argued on Twitter that a woman who undergoes cosmetic surgery to enhance their body can never be faithful to one man in a relationship.

According to his Tweet, he argues that a lady who has gone through hell and pain to enhance her backside through cosmetic surgery isn’t doing that to seek just one man’s attention.
He opined that a lady who does cosmetic surgery is seeking all the attention she can get and it’s definitely not from one man.

“You’d be lying to yourself to think someone opened their eyes, went under the knife to have big Bum Bum, go through all that process only to come out and be with ONE Man. LMAO!

Doing yansh = I need all the attention I can get, I’m for the streetz.

It’s that simple! He said in the tweet.

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