You Cannot Downplay The Influence Of TikTok In Music Promotion – Kidi

The Reigning Artiste Of the Year Of The Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, Kidi says anyone who doesn’t see the impact of TikTok on the Ghana Music Industry might be blind.

Speaking in an interview with Abeiku Santana on Okay FM, Kidi stated that TikTok has made music promotion less difficult and according to him music promotion used to be difficult until TikTok came into the picture.

“You cannot deny the influence of TikTok in the industry. If you say you can’t see, then maybe you are blind.

Because everybody can attest to the fact that music has changed.

First without TikTok, after you have produced a song, you go around asking DJs to play your song for you.

And you will also go on Instagram Live trying everything to promote your song. But now, TikTok has created an avenue that when you drop music influencers promote it easily.”

According to him, TikTok influencers bring a lot more to the table than just dancing to songs. He noted that their ability to use comedy to promote songs also helps a song to gain recognition.

“Sometimes it’s not about dancing, but just doing funny stuff with your music helps your music to blow up in Ghana Africa, worldwide. They paly an important role.”

He added that “But we don’t know what will happen in a year. The same way TikTok took over from nowhere, in the next year something may come to take over from them.

You never know that. All we know is now. While we are here, let’s admit that they play an important role.”

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