My Wife Has Refused To Use Family Planning And She Keeps Getting Pregnant – Man Laments

A man named Chama Paul Mulenga has vented his resentment on Facebook about his wife’s opposition to family planning.

Paul vented his annoyance online because he thinks his wife might be expecting again just eight months after giving birth to their last child.

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He asserts that despite his repeated requests for his wife to use family planning, she has always come up with an excuse and that his high sex desire prohibits him from going without sex.

Only eight months after welcoming their child, it looks that his wife has become pregnant once more, and he is unsure of what to do.

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On Wednesday, April 19, Mr. Chama posted the grievance on a Nigerian Facebook group.

“My wife has a problem of taking family planning of which she always has excuses here and there, but as a man I have sexual desires and I can’t even go up to 4-5months without sex with her, I am tired of this and I even go to an extent of almost forcing myself on her, apparently she has missed for this month which mainly happens between the 10th and the 12th,we have an 8month baby and I don’t know what would become of us. what do I do?”

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